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  • Does Garland House have specific visiting hours?
    No, we have no set hours for visiting. Friends and family are welcome at any time to visit residents, or to discuss care arrangements with staff.
  • Are you able to cater for specific dietary requirements?
    Yes, we can not only cater for all dietary requirements (such as diabetes, vegetarian diet, coeliac, etc), but also specific likes and dislikes. Residents are often asked for meal requests especially for birthdays ands special occasions.
  • Do you provide telephones?
    Every room has a telephone point and we can provide handsets, but the lines are rented privately by the resident.
  • Do you provide televisions?
    Yes, every room has a television, but the resident is free to bring their own if they wish. We also have a large 55″ TV in the lounge and a projector and screen for “Movie Nights”.
  • Does Garland House provide bedding?
    Yes, we provide bedding of your choice, whether that is blankets and sheets, or duvets etc.
  • Can I bring a pet?
    If we can safely accommodate your pet we will. Jennifer often brings her dogs into the home which the residents love. We also have had residents cats, budgies and fish in the home over the years.
  • Can I leave the home to go out?
    Of course! We will support our residents to be as active as if safely possible to participate in the local community. Family members and friends are welcome to take a resident out for meals, day trips and even holidays.
  • Do you organise trips or events?
    Yes, frequently. We have an active programme of trips for residents who wish to join. We have been to Hever Castle, Hastings and Tunbridge Wells. Also we organise events at home such as fetes, BBQ;s and themed “days in”.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch

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